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Performance Kits


New industrial air pumps for waste heat recovery

July 2017

Rotrex is participating in the H2020 EU project, DryFiciency, aiming to improve the energy efficiency in food drying by up to 80% by adding open loop waste heat recovery systems to existing food production plants. Heat pumps are well know applications in the food processing industry and can be used to ensure highly efficient and sustainable food production, including drying. Not only will the waste heat recovery system have a positive impact on our environment  with 57-73% CO2 reduction, but also a significant impact on the production costs because the recovery system reuses energy otherwise released into the atmosphere - the target is a reduced production cost by 20%/kg!

To ensure maximum energy improvements, high pressure ratio is required hence  centrifugal compressor technology is the ideal solution due to superior aerodynamic efficiencies, which is where Rotrex is contributing to the DryFiciency project. Within the project, Rotrex is developing a new type centrifugal steam/vapor turbo-compressor design, fully integrated with a 105/175kW high speed electric designed specifically for industrial use. With the technology and IP from Rotrex it will be possible to apply energy and cost efficient mechanical vapor recompression for steam based thermal processes. Rotrex aims to be ready for turbo-compressor implementation in 2018.    

The new innovative design reinvents how industrial steam/vapor turbo-compressor work and offers unique special features such as:

  • Highly efficient steam compression (up to 75% aerodynamic)
  • Integrated lubrication system (food grade)
  • Impeller speed up to 90.000 rpm
  • High pressure (PR > 6)
  • Extremely low cost  maintenance - minimal system downtime <1h
  • Low cost investment - ROI less than 2 years! 

For more information about the DryFiciency project please visit:

New SX150 Traction fluid bottles

February 2016

Rotrex has introduced a new 1L traction fluid bottle, the content remains the same fomulated SX150 traction fluid, thus the technical specifications and MSDS is unchanged.

Always remember to maintain your system for every 80,000 km / 50,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. Correct maintenance procedure can be found in the "Setup and Maintenance leaflet" that can be downloaded here.

Press release: New electrically assisted variable speed supercharger!

June 2015

Rotrex is proud to unveil the patented VC8 supercharger combining the Rotrex high speed traction drive with an electric motor, giving for the first time an economical, infinite ratio variable speed supercharger that is both highly efficient and with the smallest weight and size, available for 12-48V architecture. Read the press release...

Rotrex exhibits at Engine Expo 2015

June 2015

Rotrex A/S is the original inventor of the traction drive supercharger and after the launch at EngineExpo2015 now also the brand new patented Rotrex-electrically-assisted-variable-speed-supercharger, the uniquely small and self-contained Rotrex-electric-prebooster and the Rotrex-electrically-assisted-turbocharger. Rotrex A/S is a technology driven company focusing on providing leading solutions for the forced induction systems market. The patented traction drive enables the Rotrex centrifugal supercharger to achieve superior efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved transient response. This allows smaller size, lower noise and less weight for applications such as downsized engines, hybrid powertrains, fuel cell applications, performance vehicles and more.

Rotrex E-charger now available with mobile IP67 inverter

March 2015

Since launching the successful Rotrex E-charger with industrial type stationary/laboratory inverter last year, Rotrex has seen increasing customer demand for a mobile inverter for the automotive and industrial industry. Rotrex is now proud to offer a mobile, IP67 protected, high voltage motor controller as an addition to the E-Charger portfolio. The mobile inverter, available for both the Rotrex EC8 and EC15 E-Charger range, is designed around standard controller components to ensure great system functionality and high reliability. Read more...

Honda announces official CR-Z Rotrex upgrade

October 2014

A new Rotrex supercharger upgrade from Honda Performance Development is now available from your local US Honda dealer. The good news is that it's fully sanctioned by Honda, and therefore retains the balance of the CR-Z's standard 5 year/60,000 mile limited powertrain warranty after fitment. The modifications liberate a full 197 horsepower from the 1.5-liter IMA hybrid system, or just under 50 percent more power than stock. Read more...

The cooperation between Rotrex and Torotrak ends

October 2014

In early 2014 Rotrex stopped all cooperation with Torotrak and has since requested that Torotrak stops marketing and using Rotrex parts and IP in the V-Charge variable supercharger that was co-developed with Rotrex. Rotrex has requested that all references to Rotrex and the co-developed V-Charge product are removed from the Torotrak website. Rotrex is working on other variable supercharger solutions and expects to launch a superior variable supercharger in 2015.

Rotrex E-charger now available

December 2013

Rotrex now offers an E-Charger for fuel cell, industrial, process engineering, educational, automotive and green energy applications. The electrically driven E-charger provides fully variable boost, with virtually no delay in its adjustment, always ensuring the immediate desired air delivery at any point in the compressor flow map for as high an overall system efficiency as possible. Read more...

Caterham launches premier Superlight R600 series

October 2012

Iconic British road and race car manufacturer, Caterham Cars, has developed its most extreme race-ready Seven to date – the Superlight R600. With stunning performance potential and all the character of existing Caterham circuit cars, the new Rotrex supercharged incarnation of the Seven will represent the top echelon of the Caterham racing spectrum in the Superlight R600 Championship from 2013. Read more...

Rotrex C8T released

August 2012

Based on the compact C8 design, the new C8T also includes an electromagnetic clutch and an additional step-up gear providing an extream total gear ratio of 1:55, ideal for declutching applications where only limited input speeds can be achieved.

C8T Technical Data Sheet


On the supercharge! - cover feature in Automotive Design

June 2012

What is really exciting Torotrak CEO Dick Elsy these days is the 50:50 joint venture with Rotrex to develop a fully variable supercharger under the V-charge banner. Read more...

New versions of the ultra compact Rotrex C8 released

March 2012

Rotrex releases brand new C8-8 for clockwise rotation now making the C8-8 available in both rotational directions.

Especially targeting the ultra compact segment with lower air flow rate needs, Rotrex has also developed the new C8-6 traction drive.

The uniqueness of the C8-6 is not only that it maintains the compactness of the already existing C8-8, but the fact that it further increases isentropic efficiency to a peak of 79%!

This makes the C8-6 a clear winner for compact applications such as for instance range extenders and compact fuel cell applications.

C8 Technical Data Sheet

Komo-Tec at the Professional MotorSport World Expo, Cologne, Germany 15th - 17th of November 2011.

November 2011

The German distributor of Rotrex, Komo-Tec, will be happy to meet current and future professional clients for presentations and in-depth information regarding the patent protected Rotrex supercharger technology and discussions about what advantages it may bring to your performance applications.

Komo-Tec will exhibit at Booth 8060, hall 7. We welcome you to stop by!

For further information about Komo-Tec click here and for Professional MotorSports World Expo click here.

Drifting = throttle control: Rob Whyte @ ´2011 King Of Drift´

August 2011

Mr. Rob Whyte is through his impressive performances showing just what superior throttle controls means, and is trusting on his Rotrex to deliver! Read more about it here.

Spada Codatronca Monza

July 2011

Yet another marvellous Italian sports car has seen the light of day, the  Spada Codatronca Monza.  In order to achieve supercar performence, twin Rotrex C38-61's are taking care of the boost, improving the V8 engine's output to 710 HP. Weight is 1180 kgs and the resulting torque of 950 Nm asserts that little more than 3 seconds will pass going from 0 to 100 km/h, while top speed is stated as 335 km/h. While the Spada Codatronca Monza is a one-off, Spada will bring out a production version, depending on demand. 

For a video of this beauty, please click here.

Lotus Engineering unveils Production Range Extender with Rotrex Supercharger

March 2011

The production Lotus Range Extender is an extremely compact, lightweight, low-cost engine and generator, designed specifically for hybrid electric vehicles. The initial concept engine was fitted to the Jaguar Limo Green research vehicle and this new version has been redesigned by Lotus Engineering and Fagor Ederlan to optimise performance and develop the engine for series production. The supercharged engine uses a belt driven centrifugal Rotrex supercharger to produce 50 kW peak electrical power at 3500 rpm. Read more...

Introducing the Caterham Lola

January 2011

It’s always been about driving. The feeling of the car beneath you, inspiring you to push boundaries. The aggression of the acceleration and braking forces acting on your body. The satisfaction of placing the car with absolute precision. The way the car communicates with you, constantly feeding a stream of data to every sense, synapse and nerve ending. Only a true driver knows these feelings. This is driving. Read more...

Rotrex C8 released

January 2011

Rotrex is proud to announce the release of the latest breakthrough for the patented Rotrex traction drive technology, the Rotrex C8.

The C8, which has been developed especially for extremely compact applications, features a traction drive with an outer diameter of 91 mm (19 percent less than the already very compact Rotrex C15).

The Rotrex C8 features the well known whisper silent traction drive type as the other members of the Rotrex C family, but in an even further simplified design and will thus be even more economic than our larger superchargers.

This makes the C8 ideal for applications such as smaller fuel cells, subcompact cars, unmanned aircraft and small displacement motorcycles. The C8 has been released with a 240,000 rpm red line, a max air flow rate of 0.065 kg/s and as such can provide sufficient air for applications up to approximately 80 hp, depending on the actual application.

After an extended period of meticulous development Rotrex can now offer our clients the granddaddy of the C38 range: The C38-91.

December 2010

Targeted specifically at those clients that want to enjoy the refinement and sheer acceleration of a Rotrex application but need that extra grunt and sheer power, the C38-91 features the best efficiency of the C38 range and flows 11% more than the C38-81.

Even at the very upper end of the power band, at a verified flow rate of 0.63 kg/s where no Rotrex has ever gone before, the measured efficiency of the Rotrex C38-91 is 65%, making sure your high power application will not unduly load your engine with thermal strain.

The C38-91, which shares the same basic drive dimensions and features a compressor housing only 8 mm longer (axial dimension) than that of the other members of the C38 family, serves up a peak (isentropic) efficiency above 75% and has a wide high efficiency island, guaranteeing forceful acceleration all through the engine rev range, as well as great gas mileage when you are not 'on the throttle'.

Novel supercharger strategy allows gasoline to compete with diesel powertrains.

September 2010

Unique variable-speed drive by Rotrak improves supercharger efficiency. Rotrak will present a uniquely efficient supercharger system in a paper at the 15th Supercharging Conference in Dresden on September 24. The joint venture company combines a Rotrex supercharger with a Torotrak full-toroidal traction drive to produce a mechanical supercharger system that overcomes the problems inherent in conventional supercharger and turbocharger systems. Read more...

Rotrex C38 in Maserati action with NOVITEC TRIDENTE.

July 2010

Applying the Rotrex C38 in a highly refined setup, NOVITEC TRIDENTE releases the Maserati Quattroporte with a rated power output 590 hp / 434 kW and 572 Nm of peak torque.

The specialists of the German company applied the Rotrex C38 to the 4.7-liter eight-cylinder four-valve engine in order to boost performance efficiently: Maximum boost pressure is limited to 0.35 bar, sufficient for ample performance increments.

After the engine conversion the Italian luxury sedan delivers high-end performance figures: Rated power output of the Quattroporte S jumps from standard 430 hp / 318 kW to 590 hp / 434 kW at 7,300 rpm. Simultaneously, peak torque grows from 490 Nm to 572 Nm.

A water-to-air intercooler with dedicated water circulation ensures healthy operating temperatures for the engine and the NOVITEC TRIDENTE SPORT compressor conversion is rounded off by a custom intake manifold and larger injectors. Newly calibrated engine electronics ensure optimal power yield, longevity and compliance with strict Euro IV emission limits.

For more information please visit

Horex GmbH launches the new Horex motorcycle

June 2010

How does it feel to ride a charismatic motorcycle sporting a powerful supercharged VR6 engine?

Well, time will let us know for sure, for such a motorcycle is exactly what German company Horex GmbH is setting out to produce from late 2011 onwards.

With a design which clearly is a nod to the classic Horex bikes, the latest generation of Horex' is yet again demonstrating uniqueness and courage to go against the mainstream, implementing solutions that, while having been inspired by the automotive industry, have never been applied in the world of motorcycles and are thus adding to the charisma and allure of the new bike.

The ultra compact Rotrex C15 supercharger is applied in order to ensure efficient, smooth, predictable and powerful boost, completely free of any lag in response to actual throttle positioning and as such the ideal companion for motorcycle applications, where power is transferred so directly to the palm sized traction surface of the rear tire.

For further information on the new Horex bike please visit

Rotrex establishes joint venture with Torotrak to speed introduction of variable drive compressor technology.

May 2010

New company Rotrak combines two proven technologies to increase the efficiency of downsized engines. As part of the agreement, Torotrak acquires a 15 percent stake in Rotrex and a seat on the board. Read more...

The new MELKUS RS2000 presented at AMI in Leipzig

April 2010

It is now exactly 30 years since the last of the 101 MELKUS RS1000 Models was manufactured in Dresden, and the Rotrex supercharged MELKUS RS2000 is now being presented at the IAA as the official follow-up model. Read more...

Ginetta buys Farbio

April 2010

Ginetta launches new F400 sports car, the result of a link-up with British company Farbio. Read EVO article.

Kawasaki and Rotrex World Aquabike Champs!

January 2010

In one of the toughest racing environments anywhere, Kawasaki France/Team Pastorello and pilots Jean Bruno Pastorello and Alexandre Barret took their Rotrex boosted 260X's to 1st and 2nd places in the 2009 Aquabike World Championships!
The team has plenty in store for year 2010, as the Rotrex chargers to be applied for this years races will be even more powerful and efficient.

Power Enterprise does it again!

January 2010

For the second year in a row, the Japanese distributor of Rotrex, Power Enterprise, has won a prestigious award at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

While last years award was received for the high tech high power quad charged dual Rotrex C30 Nissan GT-R, this year the award for best product in the Eco department was received for Power's Rotrex charged Honda Insight hybrid, running on LPG gas.

The kit of Power Enterprise demonstrates that respect for the environment does not have to come at the expense of driving pleasure: The stock 88 hp of the 1.3 liter engine is, by the application of the Rotrex C15-16, spinning at up to 142,000, increased to 130 hp, applying only 0.4 bar of boost.

Another true testimony to the efficiency of the Rotrex and the engineering prowess of Power Enterprise!

Happy new year!

December 2009

Welcome to the all-new Rotrex website.

First and foremost we would like to welcome you to our brand new website that we believe will be a great tool for sharing information with our loyal and tech savvy customer base, as well as all members of the ever stronger international Rotrex distributor family.

Also, we would very much like to inform all of you that 2010 will be a year in which Rotrex shall make several important product announcements, both with regards to the expansion of the Rotrex C-family as well as for ground breaking compound technology advances in joint cooperation with some of the world's leading technology companies.

We are hard at work to bring all of you who appreciate and respect the spirit of inventiveness many more great and even better, more efficient products. We are only at the very beginning of our voyage!

Here is to a great 2010 to all of our friends around the World from your Rotrex team.

DSPORT magazine crowns KraftWerks “fastest, most fun to drive S2000”

August 2009

In the end, once the dust settled, no other forced induction kit—regardless of boost level or horsepower—could produce a lap time better than KraftWerks. Even the supercharged competition—one of which ran nearly 4 psi more boost than the KraftWerks S2000—still couldn’t compete with the power delivery of the Rotrex-powered S2000 on the track. Read more...

Roehr launches the Rotrex supercharged Roehr 1250sc

August 2009

Rotrex is proud to have been chosen by Roehr Motorcycles to be the OEM supplier of choice for the Roehr Motorcycles product line. Cleverly taking advantage of the ultra compact, efficient and robust design of the Rotrex C15, Roehr Motorcycles has achieved 180 hp from the Harley Davidso n V-Rod type engine.

At the heart of the Roehr Supercharging System lies the patented Rotrex (C15-60) centrifugal supercharger unit. This supercharger provides the highest levels of efficiency and performance in a compact, light weight unit. This unit weights only 6.4 lbs. and is no larger than a typical small car alternator. Combined are a high efficiency, highly developed "Turbo" centrifugal compressor section, mated to a patented planetary roller drive mechanism. This drive mechanism provides an extremely high step-up ratio of 12.7/1 as well as very low noise output, low wear and excellent reliability.

Power Enterprise wins the "Best Modified Car of the Year" award at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon

January 2009

In an impressive display of technical savvy and inventiveness, Power Enterprise, the Japanese distributor of Rotrex superchargers, successfully demonstrated its engineering capabilities at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon, taking on and beating all other designs by being awarded the "Best Modified Car of the Year" award with their quad charged Nissan R35GTR, featuring twin Rotrex C30-94 units.
The target of Power Enterprise with this project, which is scheduled for general release by May 2009, was extreme but well controllable torque over a broad power band, making the already fearsome GTR a thoroughly frightening track weapon: More power and torque would, through the application of turbo chargers, either have led to increased turbo lag (twin large turbos) or much higher thermal load (quad turbos).

Not so with this setup, in which the twin OEM turbo's pre-compress the air going into the twin Rotrex C30-94's that in turn, through reduction of the work load as seen by the turbo chargers, remove any turbo lag and complement the turbo's over the entire power band, creating a staggering torque curve available with near- instantaneous response.

For further information about Power Enterprise and their additional Rotrex products read more here...

Rotrex at SEMA together with distributor Forced Air Performance

November 2008

The patented Rotrex supercharger technology on display at SEMA show. Read the press release here.

Farbio supercharged GTS400 introduced at British Motor Show

September 2008

With a Rotrex supercharged V6 engine, producing 410 bhp, this all British supercar has now become a production reality that you can buy today. The beautiful carbon fibre bodywork, the well-developed chassis and the supercharged engine create a superb driving experience. Read more...

Land Speed records en masse - Rotrex vs turbo

August 2008

Hondata and KraftWerks set three new World Land Speed records, Rotrex powered! In fierce competition with turbo powered cars, the Rotrex powered Hondata Acura RSX displayed just the qualities that Rotrex is increasingly becoming World famous for: efficient and smooth power augmentation. While virtualy all the competing turbo based applications suffered failures due to the inherent power spikes and the loads associated with charging, KraftWerks and Hondata could methodically trim their Rotrex powered missile of an RSX to ever better performance. Read more...

Proton Motor Fuel Cell powers ZemShip, the world's first fuel cell driven passenger ship

August 2008

Rotrex is proud to supply air compressors to long term fuel cell customer Proton Motor Fuel Cell and congratulates Proton with the delivery of their innovative 48kW hybrid fuel cell drive system to the ZemShip in Hamburg. Read more...

Frost & Sullivan lauds Rotrex with their "2008 European Powertrain Product Innovation Award"

1,000 BHP per ton Caterham

April 2008

RS Performance introduces the Caterham Levante with 500 BHP RST-V8 engine. This car is equipped with a Rotrex C38 supercharger to create a stunning power-to-weight ratio of more than 1,000 BHP per ton. Read more...

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger