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Performance Kits

Due to the ever increasing demand for functionality, overall efficiency and noise dampening, installation space in the modern engine compartment is getting severely restrained. This especially holds true for the compact car segment, for which the compact Rotrex charger is a remarkable engine booster.

Combining many of the benefits from turbocharging (great overall efficiency, high durability) with the best of mechanical supercharging (no turbo lag, better control over tail pipe emissions, lower thermal load) the Rotrex supercharger offers attractive possibilities for performance and efficient power increases, especially where overall application refinement is requested.

Because of exceptional ease of installation, the Rotrex supercharger also lends itself very well to limited series production, as the efficient linear power increase offered facilitates emissions compliance and avoids strenuous overloading of the standard vehicle's drive train.

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger