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Performance Kits

ICE Downsizing

Downsizing of an internal combustion engine is an effective way of meeting future emission's standards. Downsizing entails reducing the volumetric capacity of the gasoline or diesel engine. However, reductions in volumetric capacity directly affect engine performance and drivability of the vehicle. Forced induction systems are generally acknowledged as a leading technology enabling the retention, or enhancement, of performance whilst gaining the emission and fuel economy benefits associated with downsizing.

For diesel or gasoline downsized engine applications, Rotrex electrically assisted variable speed superchargers or E-chargers can be applied alone or with a larger wastegate turbocharger. This improves transient response, fuel economy, reliability and is cost competitive compared to advanced turbo systems.

With future improvements in combustion technology lowering drive cycle emissions, emphasis will be focused toward cold start as a major contributor to overall tailpipe emissions. Since catalytic performance is influenced by temperature, catalytic light-up is a crucial phase within engine emissions performance. The Rotrex boosting unit has a distinct advantage in this area. Since the Rotrex unit is directly driven, it in no way inhibits the flow of exhaust gas heat to the catalyst, hence achieving improved emission levels.

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger