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Performance Kits

Fuel Cells

Rotrex manufactures air pumps for several fuel cell related projects including marine applications, stationary power plants, material handling and automotive applications, where the endurance and efficiency levels of the Rotrex units have been proven in a vast variety of environments and conditions.

The near-zero air contamination is inherently assured per the integrated dual action oil circulation pump, which creates vacuum in the Rotrex drive housing and eliminates oil escape from the core traction drive. This design principle has the additional advantage of vastly reducing any drag that otherwise would arise, due to the extreme relative surface speeds realized.

Having already passed extreme (5000+ hours continuous) durability tests for stationary applications, the Rotrex supercharger is per its balanced efficient design well suited for long stints of uninterrupted service. The rolling elements that constitute the Rotrex traction drive are subject to almost zero mechanical wear and the traction oil retains its torque transfer capabilities for extremely long periods, guaranteeing bulletproof air delivery with long service intervals.

Rotrex is offering a new integrated product specifically targeting the electric drive and control of the Rotrex traction drive supercharger, the Rotrex E-Charger.

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger