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Electrically assisted variably speed supercharger

Rotrex is proud to unveil the patented VC8 supercharger combining the Rotrex high speed traction drive with an electric motor, giving for the first time an economical, infinite ratio variable speed supercharger that is both highly efficient and with the smallest weight and size, available for 12-48V architecture. Read the press release...

Rotrex C8T

Based on the compact C8 design, the C8T also includes an electromagnetic clutch and an additional step-up gear providing an extream total gear ratio of 1:55, ideal for declutching applications where only limited input speeds are available.

Impeller speeds of up to 220,000 rpm are achieved through the patented hi-speed planetary traction drive and step-up gear, combining the smallest size with exceptional performance and durability.

The C8T range is specially designed for small size and low rpm applications. The C8T can also supply clean pressurized air to other automotive and industrial applications.

Rotrex C8

The C8, which has been developed especially for extremely compact applications, features a traction drive with an outer diameter of 91 mm (19 percent less than the already very compact Rotrex C15).

The Rotrex C8 features the well known whisper silent traction drive type as the other members of the Rotrex C family, but in an even further simplified design and thus is even more economic than our larger superchargers.

This makes the C8 ideal for applications such as smaller fuel cells, subcompact cars, unmanned aircraft and small displacement motorcycles. The C8 has been released with a 240,000 rpm red line, a max air flow rate of 0.065 kg/s and as such can provide sufficient air for applications up to approximately 75 hp, depending on the actual application.

The C8-8 is available in both clockwise and anti clockwise rotational directions.

Especially targeting the ultra compact segment with lower air flow rate needs, Rotrex has also developed the C8-6 traction drive. The uniqueness of the C8-6 is not only that it maintains the compactness of the already existing C8-8, but the fact that it further increases isentropic efficiency to a peak of 79%!

This makes the C8-6 a clear winner for compact applications such as for instance range extenders and compact fuel cell applications.

Rotrex C38-91/92

Targeted specifically at those clients that want to enjoy the refinement and sheer acceleration of a Rotrex application but need that extra grunt and sheer power, the C38-91/92 features the best efficiency of the C38 range and flows 11% more than the C38-81.

Even at the very upper end of the power band, at a verified flow rate of 0.63 kg/s where no Rotrex has ever gone before, the measured efficiency of the Rotrex C38-91 is 65%, making sure your high power application will not unduly load your engine with thermal strain.

The C38-91/92, which shares the same basic drive dimensions and features a compressor housing only 8 mm longer (axial dimension) than that of the other members of the C38 family, serves up a peak (isentropic) efficiency above 75% and has a wide high efficiency island, guaranteeing forceful acceleration all through the engine rev range, as well as great gas mileage when you are not 'on the throttle'.

Rotrex - the inventor of the traction drive supercharger