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Placement of oil system

March 2012

Due to lack of availability Rotrex has had to change the high speed spindle seal in the C8 and C15 families of superchargers from March 2012.

As a result of this new seal the supercharger must now be positioned above the oil system in order to prevent any potential oil leakage from the supercharger. If the oil system is placed too high - thereby allowing the supercharger to fill up with oil - the oil will leak out through the seal and into the compressor housing. For the avoidance of doubt the supercharger is designed to suck oil into the supercharger when running, and it will function perfectly well with the canister and oil cooler positioned below the supercharger.

In addition to being available the new seal has many other benefits including less wear and longer durability. The new requirement for the oil circuit layout has no effect on the functioning of the supercharger when running.

We foresee a similar change in the future for the C30 and C38 families of superchargers, however at this point no decision has been taken. Nevertheless it is always best to position the supercharger above the oil system to avoid any risk of leakage in case of wear or damage to the high speed spindle seal.

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