The patented traction technology inside every Rotrex supercharger demands extremely accurate components and assembly. The manufacturing of our superchargers is therefore highly developed, involving efficient quality control and supply chain management.

Since 2016 several product design improvements have been implemented. Moreover a very large investment was made in 2018 in order to in-source the complete manufacturing process of all precision critical components.

Quality Control

Before final release to the market, every product passes through demanding approval tests, fully monitored and controlled by our skilled engineers. Rotrex owns several different type of test-rigs, which is used to ensure correct performance and durability. Even the slightest update to our products envolves lifetime testing, performance testing etc. This is absolutely mandatory to ensure highest possible level of quality which is the core of our products.

Rotrex Supercharger Production

The Rotrex superchargers are manually assembled by trained professionals. Every aspect of the production line is optimized for manufacturing world leading superchargers.

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