Supercharger Repairs

We do not recommend attempting to repair Rotrex superchargers. We are aware of some companies offering repairs and spare parts, however none of these are Rotrex approved.

If a supercharger is destroyed then the high precision gear components will get damaged due to the extreme operation speeds. The damages will not be visible to the human eye, so even if a repair seems successful at first, the supercharger will break down later due to the extreme tight tolerances of the gear components. For this reason Rotrex NEVER repair superchargers, reuse components or sell spare parts.

If you have a problem with your Rotrex supercharger then contact the dealer for advice. Always contact the company from whom you bought the supercharger.

When used within specifications the Rotrex supercharger does not wear due to the traction design that has no metal to metal contact. The life span of a Rotrex supercharger is hundreds of thousands kilometres, assuming operating conditions are within specifications and recommended oil change frequencies are followed.

For more information on how to use the Rotrex supercharger follow the information provided in the download section. If you have any questions please contact the dealer from whom you bought the Rotrex supercharger.


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