Where can I buy a complete Rotrex supercharger kit for my car, motorcycle, snowmobile etc?

Rotrex does not sell kits, however we have many kit developers who do. For Rotrex based performance kits please find the kit you are looking for by clicking here and contact the kit dealer directly.

When buying a kit please investigate thoroughly before buying as we can’t keep up with all the Rotrex kits on the market. There are lots of internet forums that offer much advice when considered carefully.

Where can I buy a standalone Rotrex supercharger?

Please buy from one of our authorised dealers. This is the best way to ensure quality support and service.

OEMs are welcome to contact Rotrex directly. Consumer enquiries will be forwarded to a suitable distributor.

What is the price of a Rotrex supercharger?

The price is determined by the Rotrex distributor. Please note that an oil set including hoses and the special Rotrex traction oil, a pulley or pulley adaptor solution and often an oil cooler are necessary, so make sure you know what parts are included before you buy. Always buy the Rotrex supercharger from an authorised Rotrex dealer and choose one who has the required expertise for your specific installation.

How can I learn how to install my Rotrex supercharger?

Please download the Technical Handbook from the downloads section for general technical information and be sure you know what you are doing. The handbook is intended for Rotrex distributors and professional developers, however we have decided to make it publicly available as it contains a lot of relevant technical information for Rotrex Supercharger owners. If you have any questions please contact your Rotrex distributor or the company who sold you the Rotrex supercharger.

Where can I find the specs for each Rotrex supercharger model?

All the specifications can be downloaded here.

What is the warranty period for my Rotrex supercharger?

The warranty period depends on the installation and the usage. Please contact the distributor/kit developer for details.

For warranty claims always contact the distributor who sold you the Rotrex supercharger or the kit developer who sold you the kit. Rotrex, other distributors or other kit developers will not be able to help you.

Can my Rotrex supercharger be repaired?

No, Rotrex superchargers cannot be repaired. Read more…

Is it true that the oil canister should be placed lower than the Rotrex supercharger?

Yes, this is always the safest option to avoid any risk of oil leakage. Read more…

What is the smallest pulley I can run on my supercharger?

The minimum pulley that should be mounted on your supercharger depends on the engine rev limit speed, crank pulley size and supercharger model you have. Use the calculator to find your minimum supercharger pulley size (stock sizes are 70*, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110)

If you have the old style steel pulley (single bolt in centre), you can upgrade to the new style pulley using a pulley adaptor. Contact one of our dealers to order.

*not applicable on the C38R


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