OEM Superchargers

Rotrex superchargers is the only brand of centrifugal superchargers used in OEM factory-fitted vehicles, ranging from sport compact for the road and track to record-breaking hypercars.

Being an OEM supplier, Rotrex follows strict quality and logistic procedures to ensure class-leading and uniform quality, along with full tracability.

OEM tests includes Hot and Cold climate tests, durability driving cycles, SAE flow tests etc., all to guarantee factory-fitted equipment reliability (min. 250.000km).

For more information about our services for OEM projects, please contact our sales team at contact@rotrex.com 

Fuel Cell Air compressors

For inquireries about Fuel Cell Air compressors, please visit our dedicated homepage here:


Our proud references

Honda Performance Development CR-Z Supercharger

Lotus Range Extender Engine

Engine concept Co-designed with RENAULT Research Team.


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