Ready to join the Rotrex dealer family?

Are you interested in developing and selling kits with Rotrex superchargers? Rotrex is actively seeking dealers to join our network.

Become a dealer and unlock a world of benefits. As a Rotrex dealer, you’ll receive exclusive engineering support throughout the development process. Additionally, enjoy special discounted prices on headunits when you purchase directly from us.

Take your business to the next level together with Rotrex.

Why you should choose Rotrex

A unique opportunity to create the best supercharger kits on the planet

Rotrex offers the most compact and efficient superchargers on the market combined with simple integration requirements. This allows our dealers to design their supercharger kits without any compromises, maximizing the performance and value for money.


OEM proven products, produced for more than 25 years

Rotrex was established in the mid-90’s and honors long-term partnerships with our global after-market customers. Rotrex is also the only centrifugal supercharger used in OEM factory fitment production cars, underlining our product’s reliability and performance.

ford duratec rotrex supercharger kits

Competitive pricing supporting a strong business case

Rotrex focuses on development and production of the supercharger unit only. The unique bracket and kit design is created by our dealers. Therefore, our dealers have full control of the profit margins on their kit components. And, because Rotrex focus is on the head units only, cost is kept to a minimum to support competitive pricing.

ford zetec rotrex supercharger kits


Manufactured in-house – Standard delivery time 1-2 weeks

Rotrex is order driven and aims to ship volume orders within 1-2 weeks from ordering. For urgent matters a reaction stock is set up, in order to ship units immediately, and with the option to drop ship directly to your customer, minimizing delivery time.

What is expected of you

To become a Rotrex dealer, you are expected to:

  • Possess a business minded approach to supercharger kit development
  • Have profound experience within Aftermarket tuning of Cars, Motorcycles, UTVs, Boats or other vehicles
  • Have knowledge and equipment to remap/optimize ECUs
  • Develop, manufacture and commercialize supercharger kits (brackets, piping, intercoolers and any supporting materials).
  • Run active sales channels such as social media and website showing your products and services
  • Perform outstanding customer support

If you are interested in becoming a Rotrex dealer, please fill out the form below. We will then evaluate your inquiry and get back to you. All inquiries will be treated with confidentiality.

Fill out the form to send us a dealer inquiry

  • Please leave a description of your company. Do you specialise in a certain vehicle brand or type? What are your goals or target with our superchargers? Do you have experience with our products, other supercharger brands or turbochargers?
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  • Rotrex develop and manufacture supercharger units and oil system components only. Development of vehicle specific kits is the task of the dealer (you). This includes mounting bracket, piping, intercooler, ECU tuning and any other components that are specific to the installation.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Become a dealer
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